Town an country planning

The use of every land parcel and building is laid down in a land-use plan. Appropriate and undesirable developments are laid down in area development plans and comprehensive zoning plans. Town and country planning is also concerned with the quality of the urban and rural environment. Seeking good advise can save private individuals and entrepreneurs alike a great deal of bother.

You can hire us to approach the council to ask for principle approval on the initiative by submitting a sketch with written planning details. When radical changes in land-use or appearance are proposed the proposal needs to be accompanied by detailed maps of the proposed changes and explanatory notes.  A full planning application also needs these explanatory notes together with detailed plans (toelichting), a land-use map (verbeelding)  and planning regulations (regels) for the site. The compulsory digital version of this planning application can also be arranged for you by our firm.*

*Please note this applies to the planning laws in the Netherlands.

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