Development plans

Development plans are made to determine whether certain functional and spatial developments are acceptable on either short or longer term. Such a document can be limited to a single issue (High-rise zoning plan) or have a broader scope (Countryside Development Plan, village heritage plan or specific (re)development plans for larger areas in towns and cities. Development plans on a local scale include the so called qualitative compensation projects (vereveningsprojecten).

These projects can be characterized as including both a small scale - local - building development and the necessary compensation for the negative effects of this on the landscape or land-use.  Compensation must however always result in an improvement of the landscape or the natural environment.Examples include "Rood voor Groen", "Groen-Blauwe Diensten" and "Ruimte voor Ruimte". The so-called "Nieuwe Landgoederen" (new country estates) are a form of qualitative compensation. *

*Please note this applies to the planning laws in the Netherlands.