Green framework

Living green is important in city and village alike as well as in the countryside. Trees, shrubs, plants and grass are more than a collection of green leaves. They provide oxygen, purify the air and immobilize aerosols. Equally important is that they provide structure for and pleasing foil to our gardens, streets, parks, squares and landscape.  It is therefore  of great importance to consider these green spaces and their layout.

Where green dominates the space in urban areas (or where it should do that) is laid down in a comprehensive plan ("groenstructuurplan"). What species are to be planted where is elaborated in a plant plan. Improvement may mean removing existing plants. This could result in an application for a felling license. P15 prefers to work with the site and not against it. Trees even large ones can be successfully transplanted! Even so removing large trees and shrubs can be unavoidable. If so, we can arrange both the felling license and the plant plan. *

*Please note this applies to the planning laws in the Netherlands.