Dossier Bois le Duc Pleasance

The fortified city of Bois le Duc ( 's-Hertogenbosch in Dutch) is surrounded by a broad band of castles, country estates and country houses set in green parkland. This green belt is also known as the Bois le Duc Pleasance. A tripartite historic morphological study has been conducted using available written and cartographic sources. First an inventory of the Pleasance as a whole was made discerning several complexes of country estates and pleasure grounds. Based upon this and the various sources a study of landscape pattern and structure was conducted that is in part speculative. Furthermore a characterization of every park is given. The pattern study aims to give an account of the historic development of the Bois le Duc Pleasance as a whole in a comparative morphological manner including in the soil conditions, parceling patterns, toponomy and (historic) texts.

Omissions and mistakes will be corrected when brought to our attention.

This study is not available in English. The Dutch version can be found here.